Quadcrate Bubble Cab

Quadcrate Bubble Cab

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Product Description

Quadcrate Bubble Cab

ATV’s have become very popular since being introduced in the 80’s they have made life so much easier in different ways. They help keep operators moving quickly and efficiently all over the world.

Different parts of the globe obviously have mixed up climates some warm and dry and some cold and wet. Unfortunately Ireland and the UK are the latter, reason for introducing our new product, the Quadcrate Bubble cab.

The Bubble cab objective is to act as a weather shield and keep the wind chill and wet off ATV riders. We have used one on our farm as a prototype for the last 2 years since showing it at the Ploughing Championships in 2019.

It got great interest and many wanted to buy it but I kept it, so we could really see how good it was first hand. We were very impressed and are now in the process of manufacturing these cabs which will make your quad a more comfortable machine.

My Dad who is in his mid 70s has been using it most out of any of us and he finds it great. It allows him to do more and keeps him dry so he can stay out longer and not have to fight all the harsh elements the weather throws. If my Dad thinks it’s good it must good as he is a man of few words.

If you are interested in our Quadcrate Bubble cab then please get in touch. It will be a sound investment.

Bubble Cab fitted is compatible with individual products and custom packages

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