Electric Fencing

Horizont Electric Fencing

You are able to buy Horizont Electric Fencing Energisers, Pasture Fence Sets, Energy Supply, Pasture Netting, Earthing & Accessories, Conductor material & accessories, Electric Fence Posts, Insulators online through AMIA nationwide.  AMIA are based in Devon and for more information email info@agrimarketia.com. Please browse the categories below to find the Electric Fence product you are looking for.

Horizont Electric Fencing are available to purchase nationwide directly from AMIA who are based in Devon.  For bulk purchases email info@agrimarketia.com to get the best possible deal.

For Bulk orders please call the AMIA Head office on 01363 82928 to get an accurate shipping price.  To keep up to date with AMIA go to our Facebook page www.facebook.com/amiamachinery

For more information on all of the ranges of machinery which AMIA exclusively distribute in the UK and Ireland please go to www.agrimarketia.com.  Please email the AMIA Headoffice at office@agrimarketia.com.

For SCH range of Equestrian Equipment and machinery please go to https://shop.agrimarketia.com/product-category/brands/sch/sch-equestrian-manege-arena-units/