Quadcrate Back Postholder

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Product Description

Back Postholder

The Back Postholders are a larger version of the Front Postholders, as the the back bale rack on most ATVs is bigger than the one on the front. This makes full use of the bale rack allowing larger loads to be carried. With listening to customer feedback we have be told it can be used by a sheepdog to lie down, used to carry chainsaws, petrol cans, ropes and 5 gallon drums.

With the Front and Back Postholders fitted to your ATV allows for an evenly balanced load, to be carried over the 4 wheels of the bike, allowing maximum traction to be achieved. When loaded correctly, very harsh terrain can be travelled easily, allowing you to always reach your destination. We have found them to be great for bringing diesel in 20 litre drums to tractors and diggers as rough terrain has to be covered, they are also very useful when carrying fencing posts.

The Back Postholder can also be made into a dual purpose box, as with the removable Lambox kit we supply fitted, it is transformed into a Lambox to ensure the safe transportation of lambs at lambing time or a place to keep your tools or coat etc nice and dry. The Lambox also has a divided section allowing 1/3 to be used for a veterinary section to hold your disposable gloves, injections, marking sprays etc and the other 2/3 can be bedded to hold up to 3 lambs. The Lambox Kit can be easily removed so that the Back Postholder returns to its usual shape.

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