Turbomax 6mm Rope 400m

£125.48 inc. VAT (£104.57 ex. VAT)

Turbomax 6mm Rope 400m

£125.48 inc. VAT (£104.57 ex. VAT)

horizont Pasture fence rope turbomax® R6-PE | 400 m | 6 mm

turbomax® – Our premium series for extreme and particularly high demands. The turbomax conductor material is suitable for extremely long fences.

  • The TLDmax conductors provide the highest conductivities and ensure high current flow
  • High tensile strength for long outdoor use
  • Colour: white – for more contrast to the surroundings and good visibility in twilight and darkness
  • 5 years warranty on UV resistance

Product Description

Premium Electric Fence rope

  • The Turbomax Rope with its TLD Alloy conductors provides superb conductivity, high breaking strain, extra long life and protection against UV damage – the plastic killer.
  • With the Turbomax’s low resistance of just 0.17 Ohms/ Metre giving it excellent conductivity, this is the ideal rope to deliver that essential electronic “barb” to where you want to control your target.
  • Rope is less affected by wind-action so does not “flap” in the wind – the metal filaments are not as susceptible to breaking keeping your fence active..
  • By presenting a lower cross-section to damaging sunlight – Rope lasts longer, looks neater and is just as visible.
  • The strands are made of Polyethylene rather than the standard Polypropylene. This is more resistant to sunlight so we are able to give you a FIVE Year Warranty* – no other product may be supplied to you with this confidence.
  • The Polyethylene filaments are tightly wound so complementing each other and contributing to greater strength
  • Supplied in a choice of a 6mm rope in 200 or 400 meter reels.

*The warranty offered on all the above ropes is limited to sunlight’s Ultra Violet degradation of the plastic material and does not cover mechanical damage by wind action, animal action, abrasion or damage by lightning strike.

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Turbomax 6mm Rope 400m

Product Specification


400 m

Rope diameter

6 mm

Amount of conductors


Number of TLDmax conductors


Diameter TLDmax

0.25 mm


0.17 Ohm/m


5.476 kg

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