Horizont Electric Fencing

You are able to buy Horizont Electric Fence Energisers, Pasture Fence Sets, Energy Supply, Pasture Netting, Earthing & Accessories, Conductor material & accessories, Electric Fence Posts, Insulators online through AMIA nationwide.  AMIA are based in Devon and for more information email info@agrimarketia.com. Please browse the categories below to find the Electric Fence product you are looking for.

About Horizont Electric Fencing

Horizont was founded in 1945 by Dr Heinz Müller, since then three generations of the Müller family have managed the company including current managing director, Steffen Müller. After over 70 years, the brand name “horizont” is widely known throughout the world for its excellence in electric fencing for livestock. Over the years horizont have been at the forefront of leading-edge technology in research, development, manufacture and product superiority, this is supported by a large number of international patents and trademarks.

The horizont groups extensive range of energisers incorporate many unique features that are especially designed to cope with a wide range of climates, soil types, fencing and husbandry practices; a solution for all animal management situations. In addition to the fencers, the horizont group manufacture a full and complimentary range of accessories for moveable, permanent, and semi-permanent electric fences to suit the professional farmer, wildlife conservator, pet owner and for predator exclusion.