10 watt Solar assist panel with built-in charge regulator and mounting stake

£114.53 inc. VAT (£95.44 ex. VAT)

10 watt Solar assist panel with built-in charge regulator and mounting stake

£114.53 inc. VAT (£95.44 ex. VAT)

If you are tired of expending electricity and muscle power bringing your energiser batteries in to charge then solar power is your answer. We offer simple solar assist panels which connect directly to your 12v battery, extending the period between battery charges or cutting out the need for battery charges altogether.

The level at which the panel will extend the life of your battery is dependant on the power of your fencer and the duration and strength of available light. The stronger the fencer, the more quickly it will draw power from the battery and the less time the panel has to replace the charge. The ability of the panel to produce and replace the energy used by your energiser is indicated by the watt capacity of the panel. A 20 watt panel will replace the charge quicker than a 10 watt solar panel, and so on.

Dependant on the strength of sunlight, the 10 watt panel will extend the battery life of a 0.5 joule fencer up to 400%, but to achieve an autonomous system, higher watt panels can be used. The panels are fitted with a charge controller to guard against overcharging but without over-charging the battery. Both panels have fitted charge controllers to avoid overcharge and discharge of the battery. Panels are supplied with a sturdy mounting stand.

Product Description

Solar modules are widely used in which the cells are generously distributed over the module surfaces. These are mounted in a glass carrier, which is usually stabilized and held in place by an aluminum frame. These modules are sensitive to hard impacts or even twisting, as the modules are not very flexible due to their construction.

In the modules of the AS devices, the cells are placed close together on the module to be able to generate a lot of power in a relatively small area. The modules are mounted on a plastic carrier plate and covered with a transparent plastic layer. For stabilization, the modules are placed in a plastic frame made of polycarbonate. This makes the entire unit more flexible, but still highly stable.

The modules can be mounted on the 14143 solar bracket, which can be used to attach the modules to the safety box, the carrying box or to poles. This way the solar modules can be connected to all common starter batteries. A charge controller is not built into the solar modules and is not required for starter batteries, as long as batteries with up to 85 Ah are not charged with more than 10 watts. The solar modules with 20 or 30 Watt can be clamped directly onto batteries with more than 85 Ah.

A fixed connection of solar module and the device has proven to be disadvantageous in practice, because the device can be supplied with energy via the solar module, although the device is disconnected from the battery. The 10, 20 and 30 watt solar modules are available with the 14462 solar mount, which allows the solar modules to be attached to the farmer® AN1000, ranger® AN2000, ranger ® AN3000 and ranger® AN4800 units.

The solar modules are then connected in the devices to the printed circuit board on which a solar charge controller is installed. This then also enables connection to Super Vlies batteries. The 5 and 10 watt solar modules are available with a special solar bracket that allows them to be mounted directly on the farmer® ABN and hotshock® ABN units.

  • Dimensions (L / W H): 39 cm / 29.6 cm / 2.80 cm
  • Small area – high performance
  • Shatterproof
  • Solar charging control weather protected – trouble-free charging of different types of batteries -.
  • Tested and built according to the applicable EU directives and the safety standard EN60335-7-76 and DIN EN ISO 9001

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10 watt Solar assist panel with built-in charge regulator and mounting stake

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