TreeHog THRKIT3 Heavy Rigging Kit.

TreeHog THRKIT3 Heavy Rigging Kit.

£811.20 inc. VAT (£676.00 ex. VAT)

Product Description

TreeHog THRKIT3 Heavy Rigging Kit.

Contains a lowering bollard with mounting straps, round slings, impact block, and steel karabiners, and 50 meters of our Rig-master 16mm lowering a rope.

– THLD5 Lowering device.

– THRP1 Rigging plate.

– THK101 x 4 Karabiners.

– TH2040 Q.R. Pulley block.

– THRS1 Round lifting slings (2m & 3m).

– THLR16 Rigging rope (50m).


– x2 60x40cm Warning Sign.

– 70-litre kit bag.

TreeHog THRKIT3 Heavy Rigging Kit.

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