TentBox Classic

£2,250.00 inc. VAT (£1,875.00 ex. VAT)

TentBox Classic

£2,250.00 inc. VAT (£1,875.00 ex. VAT)

Great for all-round adventure, the Classic is the original TentBox.

You can keep all your bedding and the ladder inside whilst closed making it a breeze to setup, and it’s got a really comfy mattress. Set-up time of just 60 seconds.

Built for comfort, and great for all-round adventure, the Classic is the original TentBox.

Designed in Britain
5 year warranty
Free & fast delivery
  • 2-person capacity
  • Gas assisted opening, takes 1 min
  • Space to store bedding & ladder inside
  • Ladder, mattress & fixing kit included
  • The UK’s #1 roof tent, built to last

Product Description

The TentBox Classic is our original TentBox, which has stood the test of time. It’s seen many improvements over the years, but the fundamentals are the same: quick to open, easy to use and super comfortable 😀

Designed in the UK, the Classic has a gas-assisted opening mechanism, meaning it can be set-up within 1 minute, making you the envy of fellow campers everywhere you go. Be prepared for people looking on in disbelief!

The brilliant thing about the Classic is that you can store your pillows and bedding inside when it’s closed, so you literally arrive, pop-it open and you’re ready to camp! It’s the closest thing to having a Campervan, without owning a van.

What are you waiting for? Turn your car into a camper, and start adventuring today. We can’t wait to welcome you to the community! 👊 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

ALL FEATURES of Tenbox Classic available through AMIA

Gas assisted opening

Opening takes just 60 seconds

Simply unbuckle the latches, push the shell upwards, and the gas struts will do the rest of the work for you. Normal ground campers will be in awe!

Fits most vehicles

The TentBox Classic will fit on almost any vehicle.

Installation takes 30 minutes. You can see our installation video above.

Built for comfort

The inbuilt foam mattress is super comfortable. If you prefer a super-soft sleep, we have a memory foam topper that you can purchase separately. This is the height of luxury!

The Classic also has an insulated lining attached to the roof and the base. This makes for an extra-cosy nights sleep.

Leave your bedding inside

One great feature of the TentBox Classic is that you can leave your bedding and pillows inside, when it’s closed.

This means as soon as you arrive, you pop-it and are ready to camp.

Aerodynamic, hardwearing shell

The outer shell is made from vehicle-grade ABS.

It’s super hardwearing, crack resistant, and the aerodynamic shape cuts through the air.

Plenty of storage

The cargo net on the roof is great for jackets & jumpers, and the side pockets for laptops, waterbottles, keys and wallets, and whatever else you may be carrying!

And remember, you can leave your bedding inside when it’s closed as well.

Fly-mesh protection

All doors and windows have a fly mesh layer.

This means you can let the breeze in, but keep the bugs out.

Designed in Britain

The TentBox Classic is designed in the UK, at our HQ in Hampshire

It was one of our first models, and has stood the test of time!

Product Specification