RHINO Digger Plant Trailer

£120,000.00 inc. VAT (£100,000.00 ex. VAT)

RHINO Digger Plant Trailer

£120,000.00 inc. VAT (£100,000.00 ex. VAT)

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Rhino’s tough, durable chassis is hot-dipped galvanised, which protects it from the elements and provides a hard-wearing surface. The modular design means that it is easier to maintain and reduces both the cost and downtime when accidents do occur. This means that your trailers are back out on the road quickly and efficiently.

We have two ranges of the Rhino plant trailer. The Standard range and the Pro range. If you’re looking for a trailer that provides you with market-leading innovations, and a health-and-safety focus, the Pro range provides you with the perfect solution.

Product Description

RHINO Digger Plant Trailer
Designed and manufactured in Britain, our Rhino plant trailer is built from the ground up to be tougher than the sites you work on. Designed to carry diggers up to 3.5T, the Rhino has been built with the building and construction industries in mind, producing a tough and durable trailer that can stand up to harsh environments.

With optional upgrades which include our strapless digger system, LoadSentry, which provides a simple load-and-go solution when loading and securing your diggers, and our pivot axle system, which prevents damage to the wheels and axles and helps to ensure that your axles are never overloaded. This makes for a much smoother ride when travelling over rough and bumpy terrain.

If you’re after a cost-effective, durable and hard-wearing trailer, the Standard range is your go-to. We understand the need for resilient products at affordable prices. Our Standard range streamlines maintenance and downtime that caters to those short-notice jobs with its quick lead time turnaround and standardised spare parts. For more information please email info@agrimarketia.com. For details on on the brands distributed by AMIA go to our corporate website www.agrimarketia.com.

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RHINO Digger Plant Trailer

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Standard, Pro

Model Number

TDP2813-27 (2700KG, L: 4945MM, W: 1900MM), TDP2813-27FWR (2700KG, L: 4945MM, W: 1900MM), TDP3117-35 (3500KG, L: 5205MM, W: 2300MM), TDP3117-35FWR (3500KG, L: 5205MM, W: 2300MM), TXDP2813-27 (2700KG, L: 4945MM, W: 1900MM), TXDP2813-27-PA (2700KG, L: 4945MM, W: 1899MM), TXDP2813-30 (3000KG, L: 4945MM, W: 1900MM), TXDP2813-30-PA (3000KG, L: 4945MM, W: 1900MM), TXDP2813-35 (3500KG, L: 4945MM, W: 1900MM), TXDP2813-35-PA (3500KG, L: 4945MM, W: 1900MM), TXDP3117-35 (3500KG, L: 5205MM, W: 2300MM), TXDP3117-35-PA (3500KG, L: 5205MM, W: 2300MM)