Midi-Spray Tractor Sprayer Range 300L SP/MDM/300/ME

£5,061.60 inc. VAT (£4,218.00 ex. VAT)


Midi-Spray Tractor Sprayer Range 300L SP/MDM/300/ME

£5,061.60 inc. VAT (£4,218.00 ex. VAT)


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Product Description

Midi-Spray Tractor Sprayer Range 300L

The Martin Lishman range of tractor mounted sprayers are suitable for agriculture, horticulture, sports turf and amenity spraying.  Models are available with Standard or PRO specification and a choice of tank, boom and pump sizes.

The compact dimensions of the machine keep it within the width of most vehicles, allowing easy access to all areas and reduced damage through collision. Easy removal of the unit allows vehicles to be kept completely universal.

No spraying job too small.. or too big

Our tractor mounted sprayers come in 2 ranges, the Mini-Spray and the Midi-Spray. The Mini-Spray models are aimed at smaller vehicles and smaller spray jobs whereas the Midi-Spray range is aimed at larger, more intensive spraying tasks. See the full specifications of both ranges at the bottom of this page.

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Key Features

  • 70 to 600 litre tank options
  • UV-stabilised 6mm thick polyurethane tank
  • Multiple pump and drive options
  • Multiple boom options
  • Boom break-backs and height adjustment
  • 3-section valve block with pressure regulation
  • Stainless steel spray lines as standard
  • Air Bubble Jet reduced drift nozzles as standard
  • Multiple nozzle options
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Control at your fingertips

Electric switch boxes fitted to the Mini-Spray models of tractor sprayer allow the pump and bout marker* to be operated from the seated position. All Mini-Spray tractor mount sprayers come complete with a manually operated valve block as standard.

Our range of Midi-Spray tractor sprayers come with an in-cab switch box for operation of pump and bout marker* and a manually operated valve block with boom section shut off, hand lance* operation and pressure regulations. These sprayers can be also fitted with full electric controls** to enable full control of your sprayer from the comfort of your cab. With bout marker* controls, boom section shut offs, agitate and pressure regulation you can sit back and get the job done.

Easy Maintenance

Simple design makes performing maintenance on the Martin Lishman tractor mount sprayer range quick and easy, and minimises downtime. Martin Lishman stock an extensive supply of spares and can even repair and service sprayers at our NSTS certified workshop.

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Built for you! 

With the challenges facing today’s sprayer operators, this can make finding the right product for the job rather difficult. Thats why at Martin Lishman we can adapt and retrofit our sprayers to suit your needs, be it a road legal trailed sprayer, or a trailed sprayer that becomes a tractor mount.

Midi-Spray Tractor Sprayer Range

Model Tank Size Boom Pump Power Valve Block Hand Lance Induction Hopper Weight (full)
SP/MDM/300/ME 300 L 4m
3 section folding
70 L/min PTO shaft Manual
3 section balanced
Optional extra Optional extra 500kg


Product Specification

Weight 500 kg