34kVA, 3-ph, 230v/400v, water-cooled 1500rpm, ComAp MRS10 Control Panel

£8,999.99 inc. VAT (£7,499.99 ex. VAT)


34kVA, 3-ph, 230v/400v, water-cooled 1500rpm, ComAp MRS10 Control Panel

£8,999.99 inc. VAT (£7,499.99 ex. VAT)


Key Features
  • Three-phase diesel generator: Produces up to 34kVA of power
  • Powered by a 1500rpm engine: Extends the lifespan of the generator
  • Fitted with an AVR alternator: Able to produce a clean energy output
  • Silenced generator: Housed in a weather-proof canopy, producing only 65dB at 7m
  • ATS compatible: Automatically transfers power to the generator in the event of a power cut
  • Large fuel tank: For extended running time
  • Peace of mind: 2 year Hyundai warranty

Product Description

27.5kW Three-Phase Diesel Generator

The DHY34KSE is a powerful three-phase diesel generator from Hyundai. Suitable for powering three-phase equipment in your home, business or factory, this diesel genset has a maximum output of 34KVA.

Powerful Hyundai Engine

Powered by a 33hp HY4102 diesel engine, the DHY34KSE is able to produce a maximum output of 34KVA / 27.5kW.

Three-Phase Power

3-phase 400/230v generators are generally manufactured to power 400 volt, 3-phase equipment. Even though you can run a small amount of 230v equipment on a solo basis from them, this is not their intended purpose and it can be difficult to ‘balance’ the phases and stop the generator from tripping out.

In order to run 230v output only, and reach the generator’s output capacity you will need to accurately ‘balance’ the loads on each phase (the amount you are drawing from each phase of electricity).

You can read more about phase imbalance and the pitfalls of running 230v from a 400v generator in our article here.

If you are unsure whether this is the right generator for your application, we advise you to speak to a qualified electrician/generator installer or speak to us for advice.

Fitted with AVR Alternator

Equipped with an AVR alternator to produce clean energy, the DHY34KSE is suitable for powering sensitive electronic equipment, such as TVs, PCs and laptops, in your home or business.

ATS Compatible

The DHY34KSE can be started manually by using the key, or connected to an ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) system, which will automatically turn on the generator when a loss of power to the property is detected. When power returns from the mains, the ATS module will then safely turn your generator off.

This is ideal for those who need to guarantee constant power – for example, if you run servers or have refrigeration units.

Silenced Generator

Housed in a weather-proof ‘silenced’ canopy, the DHY34KSE produces only 65dB @ 7 metres which makes it a quiet standby generator that won’t interrupt you at home or work.

1500rpm Generator

1500rpm diesel generators are ideal for static installation for daily prime power, as well as for regular standby generator/backup generator use.

1500rpm generators have slower running, water-cooled engines which are less stressed than 3000rpm generators, which make them the best option if you’re going to use your generator as your main power source and will also prolong its lifespan.

Economical Generator

Diesel generators are ideal for backup applications as sometimes petrol can go stale and prevent a generator working. Our diesel generators also run happily on budget-friendly red diesel, without voiding the warranty and making it cost-effective to refuel.


Kerbside delivery is included in the price. However, please note that a forklift will be required for unloading.

2 Year Warranty

This 34kVA diesel generator comes with a 2 year Hyundai warranty with full UK parts and service backup for added peace of mind. Read our warranty terms here.

Generator kVA Ratings

All of our generators have a kVA rating that is higher than the kW. This is because we have assumed the appliances you are going to power have a load factor/power factor of 0.8 – therefore the ‘assumed’ kVA rating of the load would be higher. This is industry standard and it is usually best to scope the right unit based on the kW.

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Product Specification



Rated/Prime kVA*


Rated/Prime kW


Max kVA/kW


Max/Standby kW





230 / 400

Connection Method(s)

2 x 230V/32A 1 x 230V/63A Busbar

Rated Speed (RPM)


Frequency (Hz)


Max/Continuous Current (Amps)

49.1 / 45

Power Factor (Cosφ)


Fuel/Power Source


Fuel Tank (Litres)


Runtime (Hours) @ 100% Load


Noise Level @ 1m 75% load (dB)


Noise Level @ 7m 75% load (dB)


Hyundai Diesel Engine Model


Power Output (hp)


Displacement (CC)


No. of Cylinders


Displacement (Litres)


Oil Capacity (Litres)


Oil Filter Part No.




Fuel Regulation/Governor System


Fuel Consumption (100% Load) [Litres]


Fuel Filter Part No.




Alternator Model



3P+N C63A 100mA

Alternator Type


Voltage Regulation


Air Filter Part No.


Net Weight (kg)


Gross Weight (kg)


Dimensions L x W x H (mm)

2200 x 950 x 1250

Battery System / Starting (V - Ah)

1 x1 2V-60Ah

ATS / MTS Compatible


Control Panel

ComAp AMF9

Model EAN



1 Year / 1000 Hours (can extended to 2 years, subject to standby use of 500 hours per year. Terms apply*)

Product Type

Diesel Generator

Assembly Required?

Yes – some assembly may be required