Hotshock Mains Energiser N500 6.0j 230 volt input

£239.94 inc. VAT (£199.95 ex. VAT)


Hotshock Mains Energiser N500 6.0j 230 volt input

£239.94 inc. VAT (£199.95 ex. VAT)

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Product Description

An Energizer for Optimum Predator Protection.

The HotShock range of Electric Fence energizers have been designed to be highly effective against the insulating qualities of Deer hair and Sheep’s wool. Foxes, Badgers and Wild Boar are effectively excluded by a Devil of a Shock thus providing excellent predator control.

  • The N 500 is a powerful mains energizer specially designed for insensitive animals and fences with a high vegetation challenge.
  • Hot Shock range is the premium high power range. It is designed to deliver the most powerful shock it can under the toughest conditions. If it will keep an Elephant in – it will be effective with any animal.
  • The high running voltage enables the current to bridge the natural insulating qualities of wool and feathers to maximize the control of these difficult groups of livestock.
  • Short pulsed technology allows energy to aggressively power any fencing system. This allows energy applications under difficult conditions, i.e. with heavy load at exclusion of wild predators or power loss at sheep netting where bottom horizontal line nearly always is laying on vegetation growth
  • A HotShock fence makes a Devil of a fence yet fence safety is not compromised. The 10000v shock facilitates an extra level of security.
  • Ideal unit for large Free-range poultry and pig units.
  • Cheap running cost ; Power consumption of 9 Watts is far less than a standard 40 Watt light bulb.
  • THREE Year warranty, comprehensive repair facilities and 60 years of manufacturing secure this product.
  • Good, effective earthing is vital so a minimum 1m Long Earth Stakes and High Voltage Insulated Cable is required.

Product Specification

Weight2.872 kg
Stored Energy; 6 Joule

Output Energy; 5 Joule.

Max Voltage; 12000v

Volts at 500 Ohm; 8500v

Max fence length; 80m (130km)

Realistic length; 55m (90km)

Will run 18 nets

Power Consumption; 9 Watts