Hotshock A90 1.6j 12 volt external battery input

£207.00 inc. VAT (£172.50 ex. VAT)

Hotshock A90 1.6j 12 volt external battery input

£207.00 inc. VAT (£172.50 ex. VAT)

HotShock A90 Energiser – great for sheep, deer, badgers, foxes and insulated animals and predators – up to 30km fences

Product Description

This energiser has been especially designed for animals with heavy insulation – like sheep, deer, badgers, pigs, boar animals with feathers or thick coats and predators like foxes.  It has also been designed for areas with vegetation.

It has a high voltage which enables the shock to penetrate the animals coat.  It is still safe, but it does have a larger zap than other energisers.  It has an 8000 voltage.

This energiser is made in Germany and comes with a 3 year warranty.  It can power a fence of 40km in perfect conditions, but the realistic length should be 30 km of under.

This energiser needs a 1m earth stake ( not included) and a 12 volt leisure battery (not included).  You can also add a solar panel to help charge your 12 volt battery.


Technical Specs:

Stored energy: 1.5 Joule

Output energy: 1 Joule

Max voltage:  9,000v

Volts at 5,000hm: 6,000v

Max fence length: 40km

Realistic fence length: 30km

Nets: up to 7 nets

Power consumption:  180mA

We Say:  This is a great option if you have an animal that needs a really good zap – think foxes and badgers and any other pests.


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Product Specification

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