Horizont Trapper B12 0.18J 9v internal battery input

£126.37 inc. VAT (£105.31 ex. VAT)

Horizont Trapper B12 0.18J 9v internal battery input

£126.37 inc. VAT (£105.31 ex. VAT)

The Horizont Trapper B12 Electric Fence Internal Battery Input is ideal for small and simple fence systems and is a brilliant choice for beginners and hobby pet owners. This compact and easy to carry electric fence energiser also comes with an ergonomic carrying handle that allows you to easily move the electric fence unit with just one hand, even if it is heavy.

Product Description

The trapper® B12 electric fence can be powered by a 9 V battery or a 12 V rechargeable battery, or alternatively, a solar panel can be attached via the specially designed mounting mechanism. The solar charging control guarantees trouble-free charging of different battery types and is built into the device to protect it from the weather. Our electric fence devices are made of high-quality plastics and are UV-resistant, splash-proof, torsion-resistant, impact-resistant and oil-resistant, guaranteeing you many years of durability of the electric fence device.

The trapper® B12 electric fence is suitable for fence lengths (medium vegetation) up to 1 km .We recommend to install the electric fence with a grounding rod for optimal fence safety.

  • Ideal for fence lengths up to 3 km
  • Compact and mobile housing with easy to use carry handle
  • Maximum voltage 8,500 volts, 0.18 joules input, 0.12 joules output
  • Size: Length: 19.5cm / Width: 23.3cm / Height: 25cm
  • Weight: 2.2 kg

Max Distance

Without any vegetation:
Medium-height vegetation:
High vegetation:


Product Specification

Weight2.2 kg

0.18 J

Max Output

0.12 J


9V: 15mA
12V: 12mA

Max Voltage