210KVA Cummins Powered Diesel Generator By Evopower

£21,810.00 inc. VAT (£18,175.00 ex. VAT)


210KVA Cummins Powered Diesel Generator By Evopower

£21,810.00 inc. VAT (£18,175.00 ex. VAT)


The long running Evopower UKC210ECO 210kVA 3-Phase 400/230v diesel generator is powered by a high quality Cummins 6CTA8.3-G2 engine and outputs 210kVA (165kW) when used for standby power applications or 188kVA (150 kW) when used for consistent or ‘prime power’ scenarios. Standby (ESP) and Prime Power (PPR) ratings are defined within ISO8528. The high quality Genpower LK274G brushless alternator is self-excited and includes an AVR (automatic voltage regulator) to maintain the output voltage and prevent voltage drop due to a sudden increase in load.

Product Description

The UKC210ECO 210 kVA / 165 kW 3 Phase 400/230 Volt Cummins Powered Diesel Generator.

Designed by Evopower. Powered by Cummins. Controlled by Deep Sea Electronics.

Our heavy duty weatherproof close fit canopy enclosure is rust proof, powder coated and fitted with quality sound attenuation to reduce the noise level to only 70 dB at a 7 metre distance. Stainless steel fittings are used for all door hinges and locks.

Designed in the UK, using our vast experience building power equipment, our ECO series generators are much more than an engine and alternator, we only use high quality components in our gensets such as CHiNT 4 pole MCCB breakers, Varta batteries, industrial grade silencers, Cummins engines and DSE (Deep Sea Electronics) control panels along with our custom alternator refined over years of experience building diesel gensets and power equipment.

Our UKC210ECO produces over 200kVA of power and has an integral base mounted fuel tank which holds 328 litres of diesel to power the diesel generator set for over 8 hours at 100% load, and over 16 hours running on 50% load (based on prime power rating). You can use red diesel to save on running costs without affecting any warranty terms. The easy to access external fuel filler cap is lockable for security and there is a fuel gauge mounted internally which is easy to see and read.

The base mounted diesel tank is integrated within the heavy duty skid, complete with fork holes for easy unloading/moving and hook eyes to help keep the machine stable while transporting or lifting into position.

All generators in the ECO range are powered by Cummins and are fitted with battery charger and coolant heater as standard.

More detailed specifications on individual components we have used in our generator can be found within the pdf downloads available.


Powered by Cummins 6CTA8.3-G2 Industrial engine.

The Evopower UKC210ECO generator is powered by a world class Cummins engine, turbo charged, charge air cooled with an intercooler. It is governed to run at 1500RPM to maintain a 50Hz frequency, and running at 1500rpm prevents strain on the internal engine components to prolong it’s lifespan.

The 6 Cylinder turbocharged 8.3 litre direct injection 6CTA8.3-G2 diesel engine manufactured by Cummins uses the highest quality components such as BYC injectors and fuel pump system and readily available Fleetguard filters. A high quality, reliable industrial engine – perfect for power generation.

The engine oil capacity is 27.6L and we recommend using SAE 15W40 oil, and using a 50/50 mix for the coolant/radiator fluid of 50% water and 50% ethylene glycol (anti-freeze).

The electronic governor regulates the fuel being pumped into the engine, and unlike more traditional mechanical governors it can adjust the fuel intake quickly as load is applied to keep the rpm as steady as possible at 1500 revs per minute – which keeps the frequency output stable at 50hz. Perfect for preventing damage to any sensitive electronic equipment you need to power.


Controlled by the DSE 6120 MKIII control panel.

Our entire ECO range of diesel generators use a Deep Sea Electronics 6120 MKIII control panel. Deep Sea Electronics (DSE) have been producing generator control panels, auto transfer switches, battery chargers and more since 1975. The quality of the DSE6120 control panel is evident using the finest materials to produce the panel and all panels are manufactured within the UK.

The control panel has an easy to read LCD screen and comes complete with ATS (auto transfer switch) compatibility as standard. In the event of a power cut, the control panel will start up the generator, wait until it is at the right speed, then it will send a signal directly to your ATS switchgear to switch your load to run from the generator. This gives you peace of mind that in an emergency situation you will not be without power for more than a minute or so.

The control panel then monitors the incoming mains supply, and once it receives a mains input signal it will switch your load back onto mains supply and safely shut down and turn off your generator.

The DSE control panel on the UKC210ECO generator has a built in USB port, so if you find it easier, you can programme and customise the parameters and modules via a PC once you have downloaded the relevant software from Deep Sea Electronics website. Alternatively you can customise any settings using the buttons on the front of the control panel directly.

The control panel has many built in features to prevent damage to the generator, and will notify you with alerts such as;

  • Low oil pressure –  which can lead to a lack of lubrication and engine damage,
  • High water temperature – which could be a sign that the radiator air flow is blocked or water level is low.
  • High or low voltage detected – which could signify a problem with the alternator, AVR, or degrading electrical connections and lead to your equipment being damaged.
  • High or low frequency or engine over/underspeed – which could signify an issue with the fuel regulation/governor and leads to unstable frequency output.
  • There are also built in features such as start/stop issues and more.

Evopower. UK Design, UK Quality, UK Stock. Building power equipment since 2006.

Please note that there are certain regulations in certain areas and countries related to noise, fuel storage and emissions. Please make sure you order the correct generator for your region/location.

Additional information

Weight 2392 kg
Dimensions 3288 × 1130 × 1850 mm
Standby Power (kVA) 210
Standby Power (kW) 165
Prime Power (kVA) 188
Prime Power (kW) 150
Max Amperage 297
Phase 3
Voltage (V) 400
Frequency (Hz) 50
Engine Model Cummins 6CTA8.3-G2
Fuel Type Diesel
Fuel Filter Part No. FF5052, FS1280
Engine Oil Type SAE 15W40
Engine Oil Volume (Litres) 27.6
Oil Filter Part No. / C3401544, LF9009
Rated Speed (R/min / RPM) 1500
Cooling Water / Aftercooled
Fuel Tank Size (Litres) 328
Run Time @ 50% Load (Prime) 16.4
Run Time @ 75% Load (Prime) 8.2
Alternator Model LK274G
Breakers CHiNT 4P MCCB
Control Panel Model Deep Sea Electronics 6120 MKIII
ATS Compatible? Yes
Sound Level @ 7m (dB) 70
Air Filter Part No. KW1638
Accessories Battery Charger, External Fuel Tank, Fuel Hand Pump, Water Heater


The full service schedule can be found within the Cummins manual sent with your genset. The general guide is to change the lubricant/engine oil every 250 hours or 6 months.

This unit holds 27.6 Litres of lubricant/oil and we recommend using SAE 15W40 engine oil.

For quick reference, we recommend using Fleetguard replacement filters. The relevant filter part numbers for the Cummins 6CTA8.3-G2 engine, used in the UKC210ECO and UKC210ECO-LR generators are:

Fuel filter(s): FF5052, FS1280

Oil filter(s): LF9009 (or C3401544)

Air filter(s): KW1638

Coolant filter(s): WF2073


The limited warranty terms differ depending upon the model and manufacturer of engine we use – whether it is our own, Cummins, Hyundai, Perkins…etc, and the location of the generator.

For UK based installations, our Cummins powered ECO range of three phase diesel generators have a warranty up to 24 months / 1,000 hours for standby applications or up to 12 months / 2,000 hours for prime applications. The Genpower alternator fitted to our UKCXXXECO range carries a 3 Year warranty.

In order to activate your extended warranty terms on the Cummins ECO range you must complete a few steps. For standby applications, if you have used your genset less than 500 hours in year 1, send us the service records and proof of hours in month 13 from purchase and we will extend your warranty for 12 months / 500 hours (max of 24 months, 1,000 hours).

For Prime applications, servicing and maintenance is key to prevent downtime. To extend the warranty from 1,000 hours to 2,000 hours simply send us a picture of the hours clock, and proof of servicing works within 14 days of each service to receive a warranty that lasts 2,000 hours. Please read the full warranty document to ensure you make the most of your free warranty.

All warranties are subject to terms and general wear and tear or serviceable parts, and any failure due to lack of maintenance in line with guidelines are not covered.  Please contact us if you require any more detailed information on any of the warranty terms.

We also offer replacement sensors, belts, starter motors and alternators for our Evopower ECO range all powered by Cummins. Get in touch if you need any advice or guidance over spare parts for your generator.

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