Agricow Brushes

AGRICOW BRUSHES – a revolution in cow care and comfort. They are designed to improve the health, hygiene and welfare of the cow, ensuring greater yield and profits.  It is scientifically proven that healthy cows produce more milk and with an Agricow brush, the cows are guaranteed the best possible comfort.

CLEANLINESS AND HYGIENE – Agricow brushes improve blood circulation by deeply cleaning every part of the animal’s body.  BETTER FARM MANAGEMENT – Agricow brushes make the cows calmer and more relaxed, increasing sociability and movement in the barn.  REMOVE PARASITES AND INSECTS – the deep cleaning performed by the bristles eliminates parasites, improving the cow’s health.  YIELD – it is scientifically proven that healthy cows who use brushes INCREASE MILK PRODUCTION by up to one kg per day.  INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY – it is scientifically proven that regular use of the brush stimulates milk production.  TOTAL COMFORT – satisfy the cow’s natural need to scratch, helping to reduce stress and increase the animal’s comfort in the barn. EASY INSTALLATION, MAINTENANCE, AND USE – Agricow brushes are totally electric and managed by a control unit that does not require any intervention by the farmer

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